Searching a match for this connector

I found this 2 pos connector

Can’t seem to find its Molex counterpart.

Appreciate your help.


Hello Adi,

I have mating links below that should get you to the right one. Please follow the links to view the items on our website.

Technical assistance was provided for WM3700-ND

Free hanging mates

Headers male pins mates

Terminal options

Thank you
Ryan Urness

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Thank you very much!

Thanks Ryan.
Can you please confirm that the following will fit?
WM3600-ND and WM3700-ND

Also, I will be using wires between 18-24 gauge.
Would these contacts work for the above products?


[quote=“Shavazo, post:4, topic:30886”]

Yes. That will work with the receptacle. You would need the male in for part number WM3600-ND with part number WM2500CT-ND .


Don’t forget a crimp tool and the extraction tool:Click here for WM9918-ND | WM17551-ND | WM24837-ND | WM9999-ND