Dimensions of P/N 505-EVAL-ADUM4121EBZ-ND

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For purposes of finding mounting hardware for this eval board, where would I find the mechanical info on this board? I don’t have a CAD tool.

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am checking on this one to see if I can get a response. There is nothing listed on the Analog Devices website. I will let you know if we can get the information.

Hello! Thanks for your patience. The requested info can be found attached to this post. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
09-040682-01-b-1.pdf (545.4 KB)

Being the mounting holes are 3.175mm in diameter, (4) 2.5 ~ 3mm board spacers, standoffs thread sizes should work if needed. Otherwise, click here for all board spacers, standoffs options. Associated screws can typically be found on each product page, otherwise sorting through all screw options may yield additional results.

Thank you. I found your email in my spam folder. ADI sent Gerber files but they didn’t make it past my employer’s email filters and I doubt I could view them.


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