DIN Rail Mounting of PCB

(1) Does 277-2823-ND mate with 277-2816-ND and 277-2818-ND ?
(2) Does Digikey do cutting of the 277-2823-ND to a custom length?
I need to mount a 72mm x 35mm PCB
Custom cut length of 277-2823-ND should be 31.5mm per my calculations to mount a 35mm PCB
Please advise Thanks Arjuna

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. I’m checking on this and will post when I get the information.

Yes, part 277-2823-ND does mate with 277-2816-ND and 277-2818-ND . Digikey does not provide an option to custom cut this part but Phoenix Contact does offer the 2907583 in custom lengths.
This would be under p/n 2952020 which requires “configuration”.
If you are interested in this you can click on the following link, click on the “Configure” Tab and enter the required values.
Once you do this you would need to provide Digikey with the full/configured part number which we can do a non-catalog quote. UM -PROFIL - Profile - 2952020 | Phoenix Contact

Hi Steve

The part number I get is is 2952020/UM72/31.5/GN6021

Please advise on price for 10 pieces to start with

Thanks for all the help


Hi Arjuna,
Thanks for the information. Please send your request to us at applications.engineering@digikey.com with following information: part number, quantity and your Digikey customer so we can start the quote process for you, thanks.

Hello Arjuna,

I have submitted that quote request for you. You should receive that quote in roughly 3 to 5 business days. The technical reference number for this request is T4597980.