Display Led Backlight Driver


I need assistance in choosing the correct led driver/circuit to power up a led backlight of a 7in 800x480 display.
I’m looking for a driver that can also accept a PWM signal from a teensy 3.2 to control brightness, will like to be able to dim the screen.

Here are the electrical specifications of the display.

led backlight

The current board has a power rail of 5V.


A boost regulator or control IC compatible with 5v input such as the AP572x parts could work. There are similar parts in that product family available if a higher peak current capacity proves needful.

When computing the Rset resistor value, is ILED for one led or the whole configuration in this case (240mA)?

Whichever current quantity is flowing through the sense resistor, that is the current that the device will regulate.