Matching a driver


Hello I need a driver to run 2 leds

11.4 to 14.4 FV 1000 mA max ran in parallel? What do you recommend



I found the 1121-1472-ND which meets the specs you have given.


What is your input voltage?


Hi Greenmedtech,

If you have typical 115-264 VAC input wall voltage, I would suggest using a proper cord along with 1866-3295-ND.

If you have a much lower DC input voltage then I would suggest on of these: 1866-3092-ND | 237-1321-ND.

Constant voltage of the first one 1866-3295-ND will provide 12V and equal or greater current. The second two product listings 1866-3092-ND | 237-1321-ND will produce a constant current of 1A and the output voltage will adjust to the LED voltage, any higher current rating than your 1A max LED ratings with a constant current driver may cause harm to your LED’s.


120ac ok thanks

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