Looking for Thomas Research product

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Is this still available

Hello WattsUp20 and welcome to the TechForum, I took a look and that one is not in our catalog. It is possible that procurement is in the cards but I would review 1121-1207-ND first and see if it fits the bill for your use.

If you need to consider a special order send us an email at applications engineering with your info and we can see about getting a quote.

Hello, WattsUp20,

This is a unique driver. Being that your driver is “constant currrent”, (@ 850mA per channel x3 channels), I would not recommend exceeding that specified current rating. Below is an option you may consider, you will need a total of 3 supplies, one supply for each LED channel:

Click here for 1121-1476-ND

As specifications may vary for your application, please verify if this option will work for you before ordering.

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