TCI Universale 20 BI 122201BI LED Driver Replacement

A possible replacement for the 350mA TCI Universale 20 BI 122201BI LED Driver would be Thomas Research 1121-1408-ND. Since the TCI Universale 20 BI 122201BI driver has dip switches to choose between various constant current settings (350mA, 400mA, 450mA, 500mA, 550mA, 600mA, 700mA) you would need to make sure the LED driver you are replacing is set to the 350mA setting. If it is set other than 350mA, then 1121-1408-ND driver would not be recommended for a replacement as this driver is rated at 350mA of constant current.

Please review the datasheet specifications to make sure it will match the specific LEDs and the application, as there are physical size and other differences. Please reach out to us if you require a different specification LED driver.


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