Question regarding PSU for LED Board

Hello! Newbie question :

I am going to build a grow light for my tree saplings.
The parts I plan to use is :
PSU : NPF-60-24

So my question is this : The LED has a typical voltage of 21.5, and max voltage of 23.5
and the PSU has a max voltage of 24. Would this be a problem? Or would the LED only draw the voltage it needs?
Extra info, the reason im planning to use this powerful of a PSU is in case i wire 2 of the LED boards on the same PSU in the future.

Thanks in advance!

Or maybe the HLG-80H-24A would be a better option.

Hello . Welcome to the forum. Well I think you would be okay to use the 24 volts. Though looking at that driver , it goes from 14.4 to 24 volts. That would make it okay to use. I have attached the article we have on the LED drivers and how to choose one. We do have some really good articles on the forum for using grow lights. Here would be one article:

You can find more just putting in horticulture lights in the search on the forum. This should help and answer a lot of questions for you.

Let us know if there is something else answered. This should give more ideas for you to work with.

Hi dcoop,

LED drivers are CONSTANT CURRENT power supplies which will vary the output voltage in order to maintain the current they are designed to provide. In the case of the SL-B8R5C9H1AWW, it should be driven at 1.2A and will require roughly 21.5V. That voltage may vary, but the current should stay around 1.2A. It’s max current is 1.6A, which should never be exceeded.

Both of the supplies you mention are rated for too much current.

You need an LED driver which will output about 1.2A and which can output between 20V and 24V to make sure it works properly.

Normal power supply applications, greater than 95% to 99% of all applications, are constant voltage applications. This includes all the normal devices you plug into the wall and screw into lamp sockets.

Raw element LED lighting is the much rarer constant current application.

With a constant voltage power supply the the current varies depending on the demand of the load while the voltage is held to a fixed value. So you can always safely use a higher current specification because the load will only take the amount of current it needs.

In a constant current supply the voltage varies depending on the demand of the load while the current is held to a fixed value. So you can always safely use a higher voltage specification because the power supply will adjust the voltage to match what the load requires.

Thanks for all the input! Looks like I will have to read up a bit more before I build anything myself.