Question regarding power rating on LED driver

So I am building a LED light and I am planning to use the Meanwell HLG-60H-54A as the driver. Depending on my setup it will draw either 55 watts or 44 watts.The driver is specified to deliver 62 watts (rated power), but then its also rated as 90.5 % efficient. Does this mean the that the driver in reality can only provide 62 watts x .91% = 56 watts. Or is the 90.5% already taken account for in the rated power measurement?

The clue to the answer is the input power specification that is not specified directly in the data sheet. The input section of the sheet has “AC CURRENT (Typ.) 0.64A / 115VAC”, which is a lot more than 62 watts.

Thanks for answering! So in other words, I would still have a good margin of safety even if my LED drew around 55 watts from the driver?

Yes, about 11% margin.

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