Mean Well constant current LED driver

Hi everyone,

I bought the Mean Well XLG-240-H-AB constant current driver to power a 100W COB LED. The LED requires a voltage of 36V and a current of 2.5A.

The data sheet for the driver says it has an adjustable range of 2400~6660mA and a voltage range of 27-56V. This should be compatible with my LED.

However, I’m confused because the data sheet shows another range of 4280~6660mA for the full power current range. If I am using the built in potentiometer (using the screw on the back), does that adjust the current to the minimum range at 2400mA? What do they mean by the full power current range?


The full power current range specification represents the bottom corners of the graphs on the next page of the data sheet.

The potentiometer gives adjustment down to 2.4A, but you’ll be operating outside their recommended performance range.

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Hello Ammr993,

Thank you for your inquiry. PaulHutch has a valid statement. 1866-2341-ND may be another option to consider.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for responding to my question! I found the graph you mentioned, and I hadn’t looked at that before. Could you tell me what the problem would be with running the driver outside the recommended performance range? Would it damage the LED or driver, or is it just less efficient?

Could I address this by adding a resistor to the circuit?

Hi Ammr993,

It does not specify what would happen outside of the recommended range, but because it shows that the allowable adjustment range is down to 2400mA, it likely wouldn’t harm the driver. However, it is likely that the visible results would be less than optimal. I would expect that you might see noticeable flicker by not driving closer to the “sweet spot” of the driver’s designed range.

You really should not add a resistor to the circuit. You would need one rated for a minimum of 45 Watts to accomplish that (and one should double that for reliability). This would create a lot of heat, and your efficiency would be vastly lower than if you used a properly specified driver.

@Ryan_2724 offered an excellent choice with the 1866-2341-ND. Your voltage requirement is right in the middle of its output range and its max current is 2.5A, so there is no worry about unintentionally overdriving the LED array.

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