LED driver replacement

I have a Shehnzen Sosen Ss-75L-42B driver that has gone bad. Input is 120-240 .72A 50/60hz PF .95
Output is 30-42V 1.2-1.8A Max 75.6W
Any suggestions on a replacement?

Maybe something along the lines of Mean Well ELG-75-42A?
You can find them here.

In stock here at Digikey.

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Hello, Tomasovichm. Welcome to TechForum.

Slycer’s suggested ELG-75-42A would be a good replacement if you need a constant current/voltage supply. Unfortunately the documentation I can find on the original Sosen part does not make it clear if the Sosen supply is CV, CC, or both. Do you happen to know offhand what your particular circuit requires?


@Matt_Roen - Good point!

I can’t find any other information on the driver except it’s a class 2 class P. It’s for a high bay LED fixture, I for some reason thought that it would need to be constant current? Regardless, thank you for your insight, I know Meanwell makes a good driver!

I found specs for the Sosen driver on another site that does say it is constant current. I have attached a screenshot of this.

I know this is a couple days later, but you can never have enough information!
Good luck!

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According to that then ELG-75-42A does seems like a good alternative option.

Okay thank you!

Very cool, thank you!