Hi i have a number of meanwell HBG-240-36A drivers im a bit confused over the CC+CV i understand the amp can be adjusted by the dimmer from 4-6.7A but the voltage on the Data sheet says 21.6 to 36 V so will the voltage automatically adjust depending on amp setting thanks

Hello hudsonben05, welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum.
This type of LED driver can work as a Constant Current mode, or Constant Voltage mode.
For the Constant Current mode (Connected directly to the LEDs), the voltage will automatically adjust to the LEDs.
For Constant Voltage mode, the datasheet says an additional DC/DC driver is used.

The “constant voltage” verbiage is a reference to the fact that the device limits the maximum output voltage produced.

A theoretical “constant current” source would generate whatever output voltage is necessary to drive the commanded current output; this is not desirable in practice, because it would imply the formation of an arc between the output terminals if the load were ever disconnected.

Yes; this is pretty much the whole purpose of devices of this kind. As long as the resulting output voltage is within the range specified (21.6 to 36V in this case) it will vary as needed to produce an output current of the value that has been set.