Meanwell HLG series _ Led strip bar

Dear Community

1 meanwell driver HLG-240H-42B is supposed to supply 4 Samsung Led strip bar in parallel, see hereafter the main characteristic:

  • Led Driver HLG-240H-42B : 21-42V / 5.72A
  • Samsung led strip B8R5C9H2AWW: 38.5-45.5V / 1.2A

I’ve connected 100Ko potentiometer to DIM- and DIM+ and the 4 led strip in parallel to divide the currect by 3 and keep nominal voltage to 42V, which is within the range of led strip.
Hovewer, after connection, only 3 led bar is working and could be dimmed.

Is there anyone could explain me with there is not enough power to supply 4 led in the samed time ?

Hello Nico_31!

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Are you able to check what current you are seeing on each light strip and potentiometer? I have a feeling you might not have enough current from the driver due to the potentiometer in the circuit.

Thank you for the quick answer. No I didn’t have any potentiometer. But as put the dimmer to the max value, the current might be divide by 4, hence 1.43 A, which is must higher than led strip nominal value.

Sorry I mean I’ve installed a potentiometer but I didn’t have any ampere meter to measure the current.
Does it means that driver could work without it ?