Mean Well’s Constant Power LED Drivers

With a broad range of current and voltage, constant power LED drivers can provide this service for the application. These drivers reduce the amount of damage caused to lamps due to the extra designing that is not needed in the circuit. The drivers will also give a wide range for many LED driver applications. Constant current is what drives the constant power LED drivers.

The forward current of an LED is based on how bright the LED will be. The brightness will vary on how much current fluctuation there is. The LED must have a constant current source for lighting. Common driver sources that are used are constant current or constant voltage.

On a constant current driver, the mechanisms are the same as a constant power LED driver. The difference is the max amount of power on a constant current driver will only have one output current and one output voltage.

Constant current drivers are made for LEDs that need an output of constant current and many different voltages. These drivers will have the ratings listed. There will only be one current output and different voltage output ratings, given the power rating of the LED.

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