Constant Voltage LED Driver vs AC/DC Power Supply


A question that has been brought up is if there a difference between an Constant Voltage LED Driver and a regular AC/DC Power Supply?

In speaking with my product manager and his contacts here is the answer I was given.

At the top level, there is great similarity between a Constant Voltage driver and a general-purpose AC/DC power supply, however, there are certain parameters/specs that LED lighting applications requires that general purpose application may not be concerned about, e.g. flicker, ripple, efficiency, surge protection and dimming

For example, The DLC fixture efficiency spec is one parameters and the CA title 24 flicker spec is another that are not as critical for most general purpose AC/DC Power Supply (CV) applications as they are in some LED lighting applications. These requirements change from one lighting application to another, and a general-purpose AC/DC power supply may or may not pass all the LED lighting application requirements.

Even if a minority of the AC/DC power supplies do meet all those requirements, they can only cover the Constant Voltage portion of LED lighting applications which is no more than 5% of the overall market, as the overwhelming majority of the LED lighting applications need Constant Current drivers.

LED Drivers Constant Current vs Constant Voltage