DJI Mavic Mini Gps module

This is the underside of a mavic mini gps module, a small black square/rectangular broke off when it was being re-assembled and was unfortunately lost when it was attempted to be repaired. The red square is the 4 contact points it broke from, blue being (i believe) identical to what was lost. Is this replicable or can be circumnavigated? The drone cannot get GPS signal now and hence cant fly so anything to get it to have a signal again.

(Im pretty new to circuitry/soldering and very new to this website so I apologize if I do anything improper)

The missing part could be a resistor or capacitor that broke off. I do not know what value you need. You will need to find that out.
Maybe find a drone with the working board and get a picture of the part plus the physical size and resistance or capacitance value.

I know this is a very, very late reply, but would it be able to be identified if i had a picture of another board with the piece still there?

By photo alone, very unlikely; the blue-marked devices in the image are most likely ceramic capacitors, of which there are hundreds of different values available in any given package size, with no device markings to distinguish them. One would need to find a schematic, reverse-engineer the affected circuit, or take measurements from a device removed from a working unit in order to select a replacement.

For what it’s worth, the shape of the red-marked solder pads does not seem consistent with that in blue, suggesting that the missing component may be of some other type.