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DKSB1000C PIC32 Breakout Board


  • External power connector
  • On board regulator
  • Header style pin-out
  • Power and ground available on some headers
  • Access to every pin from the PIC32 Starter Kit header

Functional Description

The DKSB1000C PIC32 Breakout gives the developer access to most of the pins on the PIC32 Starter Kit’s 100 pin microcontroller.

The on-board regulator’s input range is 7-12VDC at 1A. The USB input voltage is protected by D2 on the PIC32 Starter Kit. Both voltage levels are available at several of the 20 pin connectors, as labeled. VDD voltage is supplied from the PIC32 Starter Kit’s regulator. Please check Microchip’s documentation for the current available from the PIC32 Starter Kit’s USB supplied power and VDD regulator.

The silk screen numbering on the 20 pin headers J3-J8 matches the PIC32 Starter Kit’s pinout. Please see the schematic for details.

A power supply is not included but is available from Digi-Key, such as part number AC162039-ND. The standard Microchip supply used by the ICD 2 can also be used to power the breakout board. The headers J3-J8 are available from Digi-Key, such as part number S2012E-10-ND .


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