DKSB1015A interfacing with an arduino or a pic16f877a


i am kind of new to hard ware designs. i would like to know how to interface the devkit with an arduino to receive the temperature readings and carry out a command.
i am building an automatic system that switches off appliances when there is no one in the area. it should also be able to record the time the last human leaves the area.
i have reviewed this page and i am still abit confused on what to do:
kindly assist me with this.



Do you already have the DKSB1015A breakout board? If you have this and it is running properly you should be able to pull the temps and time that is logged and use this information to turn your appliances on/off.

A newer board we have is the MAXREFDES131#-ND. This board has a 1 wire communication and there is more example codes available as well. There is some really good information in the data sheet. Again with this board you should be able to pull the motion or temp readings you are looking for and use those to run relays to turn your appliances on and off.