Does brand matter for SMDs in high end audio?


I’m looking to replace all the SMDs in my Krell amplifier. Can anyone recommend good replacements? I’ve attached a photograph of the board. Just not sure what the best brand is for these and which part number.

I assume the are 47uf, 35v SMDs rated to 105C. Same question applies to the other SMDs.

Thank you all so much in advance.

I see 2 that are the 47uf, 35V on your board. If you are looking for a replacement, we need to know the dimensions of the plastic base at the bottom. That ensures they will fit properly on the board.

Click Here for the available 47uf, 35V SMD capacitors that we have available.

Thank you, i’ll measure straight away. The others - 6v 47uf and 25v 10uf - are they polarised at all ? I don’t see a black mark at all indicating the negative side ?


Here is the link for the 47uf 6.3v:
link 47uf 25v :
link 19uf 25v:

You can review the options and choose what is closest to the size you measure on the board.

FYI - SMD = surface mount device

What you are asking about are aluminum electrolytic capacitors, and in the pics they look like through hole mount not surface mount.

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Hi Paul,

Apologies I should have been more specific - I wanted a replacement for the SMD capacitors rather than other through hole ones.

Best wishes