Does the LY3F-DC12 relay have mounting ears?

I would like to know if the LY3F-DC12 (Z8266-ND) relay has ears. The others in its family of LYxF all have mounting ears but this particular one isn’t shown on the data sheet nor is a photo available when ordering. The datasheet from DOES show ears but the DigiKey datasheet doesn’t mention it. Just checking!

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I found that our data sheet is exactly as the manufacturer Omron has it on their website.
The F in the LY3F-DC12 seems to call out the flange, what you are calling ears.

It looks like the picture reference on our website for LY3F-DC12 does not show the flange but it should have it according to the data sheet. The only difference between the data sheets is that in the one you’re showing they do show the layout of the LY3F versions specifically.

So yes, the LY3F-DC12 does have the ears (flanges).
Hope that helps.