Doubt fan and heatsink

  1. The TVbox’s metal heatsink has an adhesive that works like thermal paste. This adhesive can hold the heatsink on the processor for how many years? Does this sticker or paste dry out and the heatsink fall off the processor?

  2. PC fans or cooler fans, if you store them for many years without use, will they stop spinning? Is it necessary to turn them on constantly to keep the bearing shaft working?

Hello @atnogueira87

There is an old story about Henry Ford and the kingpin used in the Model T suspension. This was a critical piece in the suspension of the car. Ford engineers were very proud of their design as it was extremely rugged – it never broke when compared to the remainder to the components.

When Henry Ford found out he directed the engineers to reduce the quality of the kingpin to lower cost.

This antidote is directly related to your questions. From a business perspective it’s in your best interest to design for a low cost with some minimum longevity target. For general consumer goods the parts are selected to provide good quality for a reasonable lifetime. To do otherwise is noncompetitive. This business practice of balancing cost with longevity is especially important in the consumer electronics world where fast turn around and new features are prioritized.

You are asking questions about the longevity of consumer goods that were never designed for long life. For example, using an adhesive to attach a heatsink is a cost saving measure. It will never be as good as a mechanical assembly with spring tension. However, it is low cost even if it will fail in 5 or 50 years. It is like the Model T kingpin. We can expect the design team to use other cost saving measures.

As for the fan, we have the cost vs longevity balance. Your question is directly related to the life of the fan’s lubrication. Inactivity is not expected to impact the lubrication. Instead, it’s a question of time, contamination, humidity, and environmental. For example, a fan in a hot plus humid marine (salt) environment is not expected to have a long life.

If you are concerned about the life of these components DigiKey has many replacements including such as the fans listed here:

DC Brushless Fans (BLDC) | Fans | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

While we appreciate your inquiries, we kindly ask that you consider asking questions that are more specific and within the scope of our expertise, as some topics, like predicting the exact longevity of consumer goods, may not have clear or definitive answers. Thank you for your understanding.



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heatsink tvbox photo past connect with processor

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cooler tvbox

if store this electronic with heatsink and cooler with fan for many years two dead not work? heatsink not good glue and cooler not spin?

As Paul said, the device you’re looking into is likely not designed for longevity so that the manufacturer could cut costs on certain components that are easy to replace with cheap alternatives. If you have more information on the heat sink and fans in question we may be able to help find suitable replacements, if that is what’s needed. It may be possible to replace the old, non-functional fans with higher quality ones that have a longer lifespan.