Doubt MicroSD socket

If I store an electronic device with the microSD card inserted is slot for many years, will it cause problems with the card slot losing the pressure to hold it or break?

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That would be very unlikely for the microSD connector to lose holding force or break. Those connectors are designed to hold the memory card for years. I’d be more concerned about the lifespan of the memory card.


I have electronics with MicroSD cards inserted and I had this doubt because I don’t know if the MicroSD connector uses a spring or something that wears out with the MicroSD inserted for indefinite years

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Hello again @atnogueira87,

You and I have had many similar conversations in the past - with you under a different username.

Once again, it’s very difficult to determine the lifetime of electronic components especially in consumer goods. There are simply too many variables including the amount of physical use, temperature, contaminations, deuteriation of plastics, and humidity.

All we can do is follow a set of pest practices. Perhaps you would be better off to remove the card releasing the spring tension. However as @Jeff_2258 points out, the memory card itself is likely the weakest link.



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The type of metal used in MicroSD Card slots has spring memory, the amount of deflection from general usage it is designed for.

As previously stated other parts of your electromechanical assembly are much more likely going to fail before the MicroSD Card slot does.

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I bought two R36S portable consoles on aliexpress, they contain the OS recorded on a MicroSD inserted in the slot and with a seal, one of these devices I will keep for an indefinite period of time but I don’t know if I will keep the MicroSD inserted for years on this spring-loaded device or the socket slot system will damage or break if the card remains inside for a long period of time