Drive-In Movie Speaker Restoration

Got great help from Digi-Key sourcing a proper potentiometer with necessary shaft size for drive-in movie speaker I am restoring. Original internal parts were rusted almost beyond recognition. Able to find 4" waterproof speaker for boats that works well. I now have a new problem. Original speaker wire cable has four very small wires that are blue, orange, black, and green plus a ground wire. I have no clue what I am dealing with and how to wire it up. Thinking I should just opt for standard two wire speaker wire, especially since planned output to speaker is a standard vintage amplifier / receiver. Still need help on how to connect the wires. Could use some advice here.

(See attached photo)

mehirenner, I am sorry we do not stock that speaker.

Not looking for a speaker. Just seeking advice on wiring of potentiometer purchased at Digi-Key.

What is the part number?


Hi Mehirenner,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately a set of wires wouldn’t be enough information. Do you know how these are wired to the amplifier, or able to provide a photo of the wires on the amplifier board?

Peculiar speaker cable is original that came with drive-in movie speaker and not wired to the amplifier. Amplifier has standard two screw aux output for normal speaker wire and that is my preference. Just do not know how to wire to the potentiometer

Do not have part number available, but should denoted on prior discussion under this topic.


It might be worth reaching out to this guy.

He appears very knowledgeable based on the content of his site and I even found some photos that looked similar to yours.

Yes, I sent communication to this person a couple of times with original effort requesting parts and never got a response. Hence my sourcing my requirements via DigiKey.

Hello Mehirenner,

There is 3 lugs for the potentiometer, and 2 additional lugs for the switch portion.

You can run one speaker wire from the amp directly to the speaker, and then the remaining amp output wire you can run to either-one of the switch terminals, the other switch terminal can have a wire ran to either of the outside potentiometer leads, and the middle potentiometer lead can be ran to your remaining speaker tab.

There will be one outside potentiometer lead not connected to anything.

Hope this helps.

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This is the helpful information I need and I think I got It. - Thanks!

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