DS2501S suffix meaning

for DS2501, what’s the difference between the DS2501S-UNW-114E and DS2501S-UNW-111B ??

Checking on this one. Will let you know when I have the answer.


Welcome to the Technical Forum.Here is the information we got back on this one:

I am not finding anything on this part, it was obsoleted 4 years ago, so support from Maxim ( which has merged with ADI ) is limited on products that are obsolete. Anything over 2 years obsolete, I haven’t gotten support for usually, as they just suggest the new/current product listed.

Usually the last suffix was for specific customer PN.

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Here is the information back from Analog Devices on this product:

Per ADI:

Both of these devices (114E & 111B) are the same, so you can reference the DS2501 datasheet for usage. These four alphanumeric suffix characters are tied to a specific customer as these are custom programmed parts. The ROMID is customer specific (as outlined in the link below) and memory pages may also be programmed with unique user defined data and may not work on other systems due to memory protections.

See the Description section for details and page two for ROMID info.

FYI, we do not provide support for these custom devices unless they are the sponsor customer. If you believe these parts were customized for your customer, please update me the name of that customer.

Would it be possible to use the DS2502? It sounds like the DS2501 was a DS2502 or part of that family.
The DS2501 has 512 bits EPROM, while the DS2502 has 1k bits. Taking a quick look at the two datasheets, the command sets seem to be compatible with each other.

Attached is a link to the long obsolete DS2501 data sheet which you may share with your customer.

If you are the sponsored customer , we recommend you do post the information in the Forum . We would recommend you contact Technical Support. You can provide the information and even a link to the Technical Forum post so the technician will know how to help.

DS2501.pdf (326.3 KB)

Both are 8-pin SOIC packages. 114E and 111B looks merely like batch numbers to me. Because there is no mention of these in the datasheet.

These four alphanumeric suffix characters are tied to a specific customer as these are custom programmed parts.