Suffix Meaning for Maxim MAX1324 Series Analog to Digital Converter

If you want to understand the suffix meaning for Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated MAX1324 Series Parts, please refer to the part breakdown below:

Example Part Number: MAX1324ECM+C1W

  • (A) First 4 letters: signify Base Part Number, which in this case is MAX1324.

  • (B) Three-letter suffix: Temperature range, Package type, and Number of pins.
    E: Indicates the extended Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
    C: Specifies the package type, which in this case is a LQFP 1.4mm (7mm x 7mm thru 20mm x 20mm)
    M: Denotes the number of Pins which can be 7/48/267
    and When a part has a four-letter suffix, the first letter of the suffix denotes product
    grade (accuracy, speed, etc.)

  • (C) Additional Designators (optional):
    These designators are for custom devices and often related to special labeling requirements. To get specific details, it’s advisable to request a quote.

Applicable part numbers
DigiKey Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
505-MAX1324ECM+C1W-ND MAX1324ECM+C1W