E-T-A 2-5200 series thermal circuit breaker - Suffix KF

When looking at 2-5200 series thermal circuit breakers E-T-A, you may find some part numbers with the suffix “KF”, such as 2-5200-H-KF-8A. The datasheet does not call out a meaning for this suffix.

This “KF” suffix calls out a special housing that is used in tropical and high humidity conditions.

Below is an example part number breakdown from 2-5200-H-5A.

Applicable Part Number

2-5200-0.4A 2-5200-10A 2-5200-15A
2-5200-1A 2-5200-25A 2-5200-2A
2-5200-5A 2-5200-8A 2-5200-H-0.5A
2-5200-H-10A 2-5200-H-15A 2-5200-H-16A
2-5200-H-1A 2-5200-H-20A 2-5200-H-25A
2-5200-H-2A 2-5200-H-30A 2-5200-H-5A
2-5200-H-8A 2-5200-H-KF-8A

2-5200-0.4A-ND 2-5200-10A-ND 2-5200-15A-ND
2-5200-1A-ND 2-5200-25A-ND 2-5200-2A-ND
2-5200-5A-ND 2-5200-8A-ND 2-5200-H-0.5A-ND
2-5200-H-10A-ND 2-5200-H-15A-ND 2-5200-H-16A-ND
2-5200-H-1A-ND 2-5200-H-20A-ND 2-5200-H-25A-ND
2-5200-H-2A-ND 2-5200-H-30A-ND 2-5200-H-5A-ND
2-5200-H-8A-ND 2-5200-H-KF-8A-ND