Schurter part number ABDWF200C0

Schurter part numbers for circuit breakers can be confusing at times Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 9.31.58 AM
but they are actually pretty simple if you take a look at the datasheet. Each section of the part number describes a specification of the circuit breaker.

You are looking for a circuit breaker, ABDWF200C0, but you’re not finding that exact part number. The part numbers you are finding are similar to this: 4430.0988
The 8 digit number that is listed on our website as the manufacturer part number, is Schurter’s order number. Their actual part numbers include the model number TA45 and the specifications of the circuit breaker. The part number breakdown is found beginning on page 7 of the datasheet.

If you take a look at “other names” at the bottom of the page on Digi-key’s Product Detail Page you will see other part numbers listed for this same part. ABDWF200C0 is a partial part number; the full part number is TA45-ABDWF200C0-710, which would be an appropriate substitute part number for ABDWF200C0 . The addition of the special suffix “710” indicates a 20A calibration to an ambient temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.

Other options to consider are listed here. Use the part number breakdown/specifications on the datasheet to define the meaning of the additional suffixes.