Schurter TA35 part number conversion

We are looking for Schurter TA35-CFTBL040C0. You have a part in stock 4435.0203 but the attached data sheet doesn’t even list that number, so I cannot tell all of the specifications for it. For example, for a similar 4435.0204, it says “embossed legend” but it doesn’t say if that is I/O or ON/OFF. Help! what is the equivalent TA35 part number?

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It appears that 4435.0625 is marked with I/O, it’s difficult to see in the photo, but it is there. This was the only part I was able to locate that would be an alternate for TA35-CFTBL040C0.

Thanks. Do you know what the equivalent TA35 part number so I can figure out its full configuration?



I’m not sure what you mean by equivalent TA35, can you explain?

I’ve attached the datasheet from your website for 4435.0268, but you don’t find that part number in it, so I was trying to figure out its configuration. There isn’t enough information on your site to determine if it is illuminated or not, what the legend is and how it is marked. The TA35 number would tell me all of that.

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typ_TA35_Rocker_1Pole.pdf (937 KB)

Ok, I see now. So sometimes manufacturers change the product numbers, and when that happens, we keep the original number on the page, but we move it way to the bottom of the product’s page and list it under “Other names” in this case, it looks like TA35-C123FJ20C0 would be the coinciding part number.