EAO 11-272.825 Alternative

Hello Everyone,

I’m looking for a good alternative to the EAO 11-272.825 switch. They don’t seem to produce them anymore and they are very expensive when you can find them. In short, I’m looking for a nice push-button switch for audio use. It can be only 1 pole if that saves cost, but I’d like it to light up and have different color caps that can have text custom text on them. Thanks for any help in advance.

Hello @anaclassics welcome to our Forum.

I am seeing this is an active and normally stocking part in our system 1948-1218-ND

Even keeping in the same series if you were to go with a 1948-1215-ND it is a SPDT with the same ratings and would save some money and still be able to use the same caps.

Hi Robert! Thanks very much for that info. I didn’t know that switch even existed. Do you know where I can find the caps and the panel nut? Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

So it looks like we have two panel nuts in our system from the 11 Series. The 1948-1223-ND which is the 16mm diameter and the 1948-1222-ND which is the 14.

Lenses are here in Configurable switch components. we do not stock many, however it looks like we can order almost any of them.

Here is the breakdown for the 11 series part numbers.