Switch parts

Hi All, I recently purchased from your company a switch. It’s part number is 11-272.825. I did not get the push button or the bulb. Can you help?

Hello Billm,
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I’m sorry to say but this part does not come with the push button nor the lens. Those accessories have to be ordered separately. In product attributes it is indicated that the push button is not included. It is under the actuator type heading.

I found the data sheet for these and it seems we do have some lenses for it like 11-931.2 for example.

In the data sheet you can configure the accessories part numbers based on what you need and what the manufacturer offers.

Hope that helps. Have a wonderful day.

Hi, can you send me the specific part numbers for a lamp and push button for my switch #11-272.825 please.

Hello Again Billm,
Are team is looking into this, we will get back to you.

Hello again Billm,

Sorry to say but we don’t have much information on this. We don’t seem to carry accessories for these and from the information I gathered these do not seem to be available any longer. We only have one pushbutton in stock 11-931.2 as I linked above.

Sorry for the inconvenience.