Eaton GMA Series Fuses Part Numbering Information

When you are looking at the GMA Series of fuses from Eaton you can breakdown the part numbers into 4 section. We will look at part BK1/GMA-5-R for an example.

  1. The BK1 is calling out a bulk packaging of 1,000 fuses packed in a poly bag.
    Additional Options:
    • BK - 100 fuses packed into a cardboard carton
    • TR2 - 1,500 fuses packed into tape on reel (19.05 mm lead wire length)

Note this is not the quantity that Digi-Key sells these parts in.

  1. GMA is the series name
  2. 5 is calling out the amperage rating
    • Numbers 1-15 is calling out A(amps)
    • Numbers 63-800 is calling out mA(miliamps)
  3. -R is calling our RoHS compliant.

This will be missing from a non-compliant part.

Axial leaded Parts -For this example I will use part BK/GMA-V-5-R

As you can see the part numbering scheme is the same except there is a V between the Series call out and the Amperage call out. This V is signifying that the part is Axial leaded.

Applicable Part Numbers

283-3274-ND 283-3265-ND 283-3275-ND 283-3278-ND 283-3273-ND 283-3270-ND 283-3271-ND 283-3268-ND 283-2845-ND 283-2837-ND 283-2840-ND 283-2834-ND 283-2885-ND 283-2843-ND 283-2841-ND 283-2835-ND 283-2836-ND 283-3263-ND 283-2844-ND 283-2869-ND 283-3028-ND 283-3029-ND 283-3334-ND 283-4603-ND 283-3267-ND 283-2886-ND 283-2838-ND 283-3264-ND 283-3332-ND 283-3277-ND 283-3279-ND 283-3027-ND 283-3331-ND 283-3330-ND 283-2883-ND 283-3803-ND 283-3333-ND 283-3336-ND 283-3031-ND 283-4421-ND 283-3266-ND 283-3272-ND 283-3269-ND 283-3030-ND 283-3261-ND 283-3260-ND 283-3259-ND 283-3335-ND 283-3804-ND 283-2842-ND 283-3032-ND 283-2839-ND 283-3033-ND 283-3262-ND 283-3276-ND 283-2884-ND BK1/GMA-1.6-R-ND BK1/GMA-800-R-ND BK1/GMA-600-R-ND BK1/GMA-300-R-ND BK1/GMA-315-R-ND BK1/GMA-63-R-ND BK/GMA-V-200-R-ND BK/GMA-V-250-R-ND BK/GMA-V-1.25-R-ND BK/GMA-V-1.5-R-ND BK/GMA-V-10-R-ND BK/GMA-V-1-R-ND BK/GMA-V-2.5-R-ND BK/GMA-V-300-R-ND BK/GMA-V-315-R-ND BK/GMA-V-4-R-ND BK/GMA-V-500-R-ND BK/GMA-V-6-R-ND BK/GMA-V-750-R-ND BK/GMA-V-7-R-ND BK/GMA-V-800-R-ND BK/GMA-6A-ND BK/GMA-1.6A-ND BK/GMA-1.5A-ND BK/GMA-4A-ND BK/GMA-3.5A-ND BK/GMA-2.5A-ND BK/GMA-3.15A-ND 283-4382-ND 283-4381-ND BK/GMA-750MA-ND BK/GMA-800MA-ND GMA-1.25-R-ND GMA-1.5-R-ND GMA-1.6-R-ND GMA-1-R-ND GMA-2.5-R-ND 283-4300-ND GMA-3.15-R-ND GMA-3.5-R-ND GMA-3-R-ND GMA-4-R-ND GMA-500-R-ND GMA-5-R-ND GMA-600-R-ND GMA-6-R-ND GMA-750-R-ND GMA-800-R-ND BK/GMA-8A-ND BK/GMA-7A-ND BK/GMA-15A-ND GMA-10-R-ND GMA-15-R-ND GMA-7-R-ND GMA-8-R-ND BK/GMA-1A-ND BK/GMA-315MA-ND BK/GMA-250MA-ND BK/GMA-300MA-ND GMA-200-R-ND GMA-250-R-ND GMA-300-R-ND GMA-315-R-ND BK/GMA-V-100-R-ND BK/GMA-V-125-R-ND BK/GMA-V-63-R-ND BK/GMA-V-5A-ND BK/GMA-V-3.5A-ND BK/GMA-125MA-ND BK/GMA-100MA-ND BK/GMA-63MA-ND GMA-100-R-ND GMA-125-R-ND GMA-63-R-ND BP/GMA-1A-ND BP/GMA-2A-ND BP/GMA-3A-ND BP/GMA-500MA-ND BP/GMA-5A-ND BP/GMA-6A-ND BK/GMA-1.25A-ND BK/GMA-500MA-ND BK/GMA-600MA-ND BK/GMA-200MA-ND BK/GMA-V-1.6A-ND BK/GMA-V-7A-ND BK/GMA-V-8A-ND BK/GMA-V-6A-ND BK/GMA-V-4A-ND BK/GMA-V-10A-ND BK/GMA-V-1.5A-ND BK/GMA-V-1.25A-ND BK/GMA-V-1A-ND BK/GMA-V-15A-ND BK/GMA-V-2A-ND BK/GMA-V-2.5A-ND BK/GMA-V-3.15A-ND BK/GMA-V-3A-ND BK/GMA-V-750MA-ND BK/GMA-V-600MA-ND BK/GMA-V-800MA-ND BK/GMA-V-500MA-ND BK/GMA-V-100MA-ND BK/GMA-V-200MA-ND BK/GMA-V-125MA-ND BK/GMA-V-250MA-ND BK/GMA-V-315MA-ND BK/GMA-V-300MA-ND BK/GMA-V-63MA-ND BK/GMA-V-3.5-R-ND

BK1/GMA-5-R BK1/GMA-1-R BK1/GMA-6-R BK1/GMA-10-R BK1/GMA-4-R BK1/GMA-3-R BK1/GMA-3.15-R BK1/GMA-2-R BK/GMA-5-R BK/GMA-1-R BK/GMA-2-R BK/GMA-1.5-R BK/GMA-6-R BK/GMA-4-R BK/GMA-3-R BK/GMA-10-R BK/GMA-15-R BK1/GMA-500-R BK/GMA-500-R BK/GMA-750-R BK/GMA-100-R BK/GMA-200-R BK/GMA-V-5-R BK/GMA-10A BK1/GMA-1.5-R BK/GMA-8-R BK/GMA-2.5-R BK1/GMA-750-R BK/GMA-600-R BK1/GMA-8-R BK1/GMA-15-R BK/GMA-1.6-R BK/GMA-315-R BK/GMA-300-R BK/GMA-125-R BK/GMA-V-2-R BK/GMA-V-3-R BK/GMA-V-15-R BK/GMA-63-R BK/GMA-5A BK1/GMA-1.25-R BK1/GMA-3.5-R BK1/GMA-2.5-R BK/GMA-3.5-R BK1/GMA-200-R BK1/GMA-125-R BK1/GMA-100-R BK/GMA-V-8-R BK/GMA-V-3.15-R BK/GMA-3.15-R BK/GMA-7-R BK/GMA-250-R BK/GMA-800-R BK1/GMA-250-R BK1/GMA-7-R BK/GMA-1.25-R BK1/GMA-1.6-R BK1/GMA-800-R BK1/GMA-600-R BK1/GMA-300-R BK1/GMA-315-R BK1/GMA-63-R BK/GMA-V-200-R BK/GMA-V-250-R BK/GMA-V-1.25-R BK/GMA-V-1.5-R BK/GMA-V-10-R BK/GMA-V-1-R BK/GMA-V-2.5-R BK/GMA-V-300-R BK/GMA-V-315-R BK/GMA-V-4-R BK/GMA-V-500-R BK/GMA-V-6-R BK/GMA-V-750-R BK/GMA-V-7-R BK/GMA-V-800-R BK/GMA-6A BK/GMA-1.6A BK/GMA-1.5A BK/GMA-4A BK/GMA-3.5A BK/GMA-2.5A BK/GMA-3.15A BK/GMA-2A BK/GMA-3A BK/GMA-750MA BK/GMA-800MA GMA-1.25-R GMA-1.5-R GMA-1.6-R GMA-1-R GMA-2.5-R GMA-2-R GMA-3.15-R GMA-3.5-R GMA-3-R GMA-4-R GMA-500-R GMA-5-R GMA-600-R GMA-6-R GMA-750-R GMA-800-R BK/GMA-8A BK/GMA-7A BK/GMA-15A GMA-10-R GMA-15-R GMA-7-R GMA-8-R BK/GMA-1A BK/GMA-315MA BK/GMA-250MA BK/GMA-300MA GMA-200-R GMA-250-R GMA-300-R GMA-315-R BK/GMA-V-100-R BK/GMA-V-125-R BK/GMA-V-63-R BK/GMA-V-5A BK/GMA-V-3.5A BK/GMA-125MA BK/GMA-100MA BK/GMA-63MA GMA-100-R GMA-125-R GMA-63-R BP/GMA-1A BP/GMA-2A BP/GMA-3A BP/GMA-500MA BP/GMA-5A BP/GMA-6A BK/GMA-1.25A BK/GMA-500MA BK/GMA-600MA BK/GMA-200MA BK/GMA-V-1.6A BK/GMA-V-7A BK/GMA-V-8A BK/GMA-V-6A BK/GMA-V-4A BK/GMA-V-10A BK/GMA-V-1.5A BK/GMA-V-1.25A BK/GMA-V-1A BK/GMA-V-15A BK/GMA-V-2A BK/GMA-V-2.5A BK/GMA-V-3.15A BK/GMA-V-3A BK/GMA-V-750MA BK/GMA-V-600MA BK/GMA-V-800MA BK/GMA-V-500MA BK/GMA-V-100MA BK/GMA-V-200MA BK/GMA-V-125MA BK/GMA-V-250MA BK/GMA-V-315MA BK/GMA-V-300MA BK/GMA-V-63MA BK/GMA-V-3.5-R