Littelfuse NANO 443 Series Fuse Part Numbering

When looking at the Nano 443 Series of fuses from Littelfuse you will find the part numbers breakdown to tell you the amperage, quantity, and packaging.


Note that this quantity is not always the Quantity that Diki-key sells the part in. This is listed as Minimim Quantity on the family page.

Applicable Part numbers

F2913TR-ND F2913CT-ND F2913DKR-ND 1294-0443005.DR-CHP F2906TR-ND F2906CT-ND F2906DKR-ND F2904TR-ND F2904CT-ND F2904DKR-ND 1294-0443.500DR-CHP F2907TR-ND F2907CT-ND F2907DKR-ND F2910TR-ND F2910CT-ND F2910DKR-ND F2905TR-ND F2905CT-ND F2905DKR-ND F2912TR-ND F2912CT-ND F2912DKR-ND F2911TR-ND F2911CT-ND

0443005.DR 0443005.DR 0443005.DR 0443005.DR 0443001.DR 0443001.DR 0443001.DR 0443.500DR 0443.500DR 0443.500DR 0443.500DR 044301.5DR 044301.5DR 044301.5DR 0443003.DR 0443003.DR 0443003.DR 0443.750DR 0443.750DR 0443.750DR 0443004.DR 0443004.DR 0443004.DR 044303.5DR 044303.5DR