Littelfuse 01500274 Fuse Holders part numbering

When looking at 01500274 Fuse Holders from Littelfuse, you’ll sometimes find that there are different orderable part numbers available - 01500274Z, 01500274LXN and 01500274ZXU. What is the difference between these part numbers?

Looking at the ordering information in the datasheet, you can see that

  • 01500274Z: this part is ordered in bulk pack of 100 pcs.

  • 01500274LXN: this part is ordered in bulk pack of 50 pcs.

  • 01500274ZXU: this part is order in bulk pack of 5000pcs. But please note that this part is unassembled fuseholder and UL Recognition does not apply.

Also worth noting is that this part number does not come with wire. Suffix U at the end of the number calls out Unassembled.

If you require the holders with wire leads, it’s recommended to order part numbers 01500274Z and 01500274LXN.


Applicable Part Numbers