Littelfuse HXP vs MXP Suffixes

One common question we get here at Digi-Key is what is the difference in the HXP and MXP suffix when looking at Littelfuse cartridge fuses.

For this example I will look at Littelfuse part number 0218005.HXP (Digi-Key F2422-ND) and 0218005.MXP (Digi-Key F1748-ND These parts are actually the exact same part. The HX is calling out a factory package of 100 pieces and the MX is calling out a manufacturing standard packaging of 1,000 pieces. Both parts are sold individually here at Digi-Key. Here is a complete list of packaging suffixes from the 218 series.

Here is a complete part number breakdown for the 218 Series of fuses.

Applicable Part Numbers

F1748-ND F2420-ND F2427-ND F2416-ND F2419-ND F2422-ND F2428-ND F2430-ND F1750-ND F2425-ND F2426-ND F1839-ND F1747-ND F1754-ND F1742-ND F1751-ND F1745-ND F2424-ND F2421-ND F2429-ND F1735-ND F2413-ND F2415-ND F2409-ND F3615-ND ,F2423-ND

0218005.MXP 0218002.HXP 021802.5HXP 0218.500HXP 0218001.HXP 0218005.HXP 021806.3HXP 02183.15HXP 0218010.MXP 0218010.HXP 0218015.HXP 0218015.MXEP 0218004.MXP 02183.15MXP 0218.500MXP 021802.5MXP 0218001.MXP 021801.6HXP 0218004.HXP 02181.25HXP 0218.100MXP 0218.250HXP 0218.400HXP 0218.100HXP 0218015.MXP 0218008.HXP 0218.050MXP 0218.063HXP 0218.800MXP 0218.630MXP 0218.125MXP 0218010.MXEP 0218.063MXP 0218.032MXP 0218.250MXP 021812.5MXP 0218002.MXP 0218.630HXP 0218.125HXP 0218.200HXP 0218.200HXP 0218016.MXP 0218008.MXP 021801.6MXP 0218.800HXP 0218.315MXP 0218.200MXP 0218010.TXP 0218.160HXP 0218.315HXP 0218005.MXEP 0218002.MXEP 0218.040HXP 0218.032HXP 0218.050HXP 0218.160MXP 0218.400MXP 021801.6TXP 021801.6TXP 0218.080HXP 0218.080HXP 021806.3MXP 02181.25MXP 0218005.TXP 0218004.TXP 02183.15MXEP 021802.5VXP 0218.315TXP 02183.15TXP 02181.25TXP 0218008.TXP 0218001.MXEP 0218.100TXP 0218.040MXP 0218.160MXF4P 02183.15MXF7P 0218016.MRET1P 02181.25M

I would like to add to this for the PGB1 series.
MR = 1000 pieces, tape & reel
WR = 3000 pieces, tape & reel
NR = 5000 pieces, tape & reel
KR = 10,000 pieces, tape & reel