EM Series Networking Modules from Sierra Wireless AirLink

Do you have EM9190 from Sierra Wireless? I am unable to find it on your website?

Digi Key has EM76920: Digi Key part number 1719-EM7690-1104628-ND
7690 For more detailed information reguarding this product, Click HERE

Also, EM9191 Digi-Key part number 1719-EM9191_1104629-ND EM9191_1104629
anotherpic For more detailed information on this product, Cick HERE.

According to Sierra Wireless;
Unfortunately, the EM9190 is not available through distribution due to its complexity and excessive paperwork and approvals from Qualcomm. The customer would need to engage with Sierra Wireless directly to evaluate the requirements

The EM9191 is compatible with the EM9190 for a simple upgrade to mmWave. It is also compatible with the EM7690 module to help facilitate the migration and differentiation between 4G LTE and 5G.

Take a look and compare to see what the best choice is for your application.

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