Symbol and Footprint for part number 1645-1107-1-ND?


I am trying to build a device centered around the Sierra Wireless RF chip WP7603-G_1104248, which is here and available on Digikey, but seems to lack any available footprint or symbol for pcb design software. I was wondering if there was an available symbol and footprint and I have just been unable to find it, or if anyone here has made one and is willing to share?

Hello Raridi:

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Here is a link to the datasheet, there is a drawing there:

Also this link on the manufacturer’s website, has more information that you will find helpful:

Hi @raridi,

This might be of some use, also. Gerbers are given for the MANGOHRED_WP7603-1 development board.

Here’s the link to the Gerber files themselves: MangOH Red Gerbers

Additionally, there may be other relevant documents under the “Product Technical Specifications” section of the AirPrime WP76xx product page here. It is password protected, so you would need to register with Sierra Wireless to gain access to this information.