GL7500 ATT_1104353

Does anyone know which module is in the latest GL7500 ATT_1104353 part number?
i.e. is it the HL7548, or would anything new be the HL7588 that can also load the Verizon firmware?


Hello Bob,

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I am not sure of an answer on this one. The part is obsolete and we no longer have any stock left. I have a an e-mail into the Product Specialist on this to see if we can get an answer. I will post when I get any information.

And yet we’re trying to identify the module to act on the 235 shown as in stock on the digikey website.

I have heard back from the product specialist and the module has the HL7588.

Excellent, thank you. I just wanted to make sure Sierra wasn’t unloading old stock now that it is EOL.