HL7812 dev kit docs

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Where is the documentation for this kit:

Everything I find is for a different kit. The one here:

Hello chuckb,

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We do not have a datasheet or other documentation for this kit.
I also checked on the manufacture website, and the part number never came up.
Maybe one of the engineers can verify if the data for the HL78 DEV KIT would apply to the HL7812 DEVKIT.

Unfortunately, it won’t apply. They’re two entirely different boards in all ways except that they will both accept the HL7812 chip. The HL7812-DEVKIT is a doorstop without any documentation. And the more expensive part isn’t available. Unfortunately, there’s no photo of what’s inside the box of the HL7812-DEVKIT, or it would be abundently clear.

If there’s anything you can do to escalate this, I’m sure it would help anyone purchasing the HL7812-DEVKIT.

Here’s a pic of what’s in HL7812-DEVKIT:

I received a reply on the Sierra Wireless forum that directed me to this document, which appears to be correct for the board, even if it is for a different device: IoT Modules Evaluation Kit | Sierra Wireless

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As the board can be used for many devices the board documentation can end up talking about those other devices too.
However, looking over that link it does indicate the “HL7812” device being compatible with that board.