Software for Broadcom Evaluation Kit for Optical Power and Data Link

I bought an Evaluation kit on digi-key UK last December. Part number is AFBR-PDPEK521. According to the 58-page reference manual, the kit should come with a USB stick containing software and documentation. However, mine didn’t. So I called digikey several times to request the software. Finally, they sent me a link containing two apps which were mentioned in the manual, but there was still one missing, which is ‘Broadcom POF Maintenance Tool’. This software is clearly mentioned in page 12-13 in the manual to establish conection between PC and the kit.

The last time I made through to digikey global support number (0800 587 0991) was on 30 May. One guy with digikey looked through the manual with me and promised he would work on it and give me feedback. Now, another month is passing, I called support number a lot of times but always told ‘You have dialed an incorrect number’. This problem is driving me crazy now. I really wish someone can give me some effective help. I can provide my customer number, sales order number, and technical reference if needed.

Welcome to the TechForum. I am looking to this for you.

I have reached out to the product specialist for the application that you are looking for.

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Hello Steven,

May I ask if you have any update on this?


I have requested an update regarding the software.

I have received an update regarding the software that you are looking for.

Please see below from the MFG.

This Eval kit has been obsoleted as of 6 months ago. There was very little interest in the evaluation kit. It is no longer supported.