ZCU216 Evaluation Kit - CLK104 malfunction problem

Dear All,

We have recently purchased a RFSoC ZCU216 (EK-U1-ZCU216-V1-G) evaluation KIT from Digikey (Invoice 97846450). During the first tests performed, we encountered unexpected behavior. On our first attempt, we posted the problem on the Xilinx forum trying to get support from them. here is the link,


Following the instructions from Xilinx support we would like to contact a Digikey FAE (as a Xilinx distributor) in order to address a solution to the CLK104 malfunction problem. The evaluation kit is still in warranty period and our schedule is being affected by this problem.

Thank you in advance for your support

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Hello please share your DigiKey invoice number that you purchased this under.


so sorry, I see your Invoice is provided; INVoice # 97846450; when did you receive the board? and have you attempted to download the BIST config to test base line yet? if so, we will need pictures of the boards LED status indicators and any error messages from VIVADO that may have been generated while running the most current BIST image.

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Please also supply us with The board Serial number; Rev number, version of Vivado currntly being used, and your current OS>

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Hello we have opened an AMD support ticket; Case# 00390128

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