No software provided with DK-QCC5124-VFBGA90-A-0

We acquired this dev kit:

But it came without any software and none of the package contents indicate where to get software. Searches online also do not turn up any software from Qualcomm or DigiKey. It didn’t even come with a datasheet and we are unable to find one to download.

How do we use it?

That board is a part of this other kit - do we need to purchase that kit to get the software and datasheets? If so, would have been nice to know before we bought the board.

Hello @eukota,
Qualcomm does not provide much information on this product. To get a full data sheet they require that you register will them. Here is a link to the login/register page. I think you will find all of the information you need once you have access. If you still are not able to get answer let me know and I can get in contact with my Product manager.