Enhanced Product Recommended Part List (EPRPL) Updated 03-May-2023 by ADI

Enhanced Product Qualification by Analog Devices Inc.


  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) parts used in defense, avionic and aerospace applications
  • Parts are specified, characterized, and qualified from –55°C up to +125°C
  • All parts are certified to the Aerospace Qualified Electronic Component (AQEC) plan, which defines the minimum set of requirements that will allow a COTS component to be designated by AQEC (GEIA-STD-0002-1)
  • Associated VID, (V62) DSCC Defense Supply Center Columbus
  • All EP finished goods models have an -EP in the suffix for Enhanced Product Qualification
  • Parts are assembled with a NiPdAu lead finish
  • Parts are manufactured on a controlled baseline; one fab, one assembly and one test site
  • Each device has a separate and abridged data sheet
Part Number Function Description Orderable Part Number
ADL5375-05 I/Q modulator ADL5375 multistandard broadband I/Q modulator ADL5375-05SCPZEPR7
ADF4106 Integer-N PLL 6 GHz integer-N PLL ADF4106SCPZ-EP
ADF4002 Integer-N PLL 400 MHz integer-N PLL used for clocking ADF4002SRUZ-EP
AD8318 Log detector 8 GHz log detector AD8318SCPZ-EP-RL7
ADL5906 RMS detector 10 MHz to 10 GHz 67 dB rms detector ADL5906ACPZN-R7
HMC241A RF switch 4 GHz SP4T switch HMC241ATCPZ-EP-PT
HMC344AG RF switch 8 GHz SP4T switch HMC344ATCPZ-EP-PT*
HMC641A RF switch 20 GHz SP4T switch HMC641ATCPZ-EP-PT*
ADRF5024 SPDT switch reflective Silicon SPDT switch reflective, 100 MHz to 44 GHz ADRF5024SCCZ-EP
ADRF5026 SPDT switch nonreflective Silicon SPDT switch, nonreflective, 100 MHz to 44 GHz ADRF5026SCCZ-EP
HMC470A Digital attenuator 3 GHz, 1 dB LSB, 5-bit digital attenuator HMC470ATCPZ-EP-PT
HMC939AG Digital attenuator 33 GHz, 1 dB, 5-bit digital attenuator HMC939ATCPZ-EP-PT*
HMC624A Digital attenuator 6 GHz, 0.5 dB LSB, 6-bit digital attenuator HMC624ACPSZ-EP-PT
ADMV8818 Tunable filter 2 GHz to 18 GHz, digital tunable, band-/high-/low-pass filter ADMV8818SCCZ-EP
HMC434 Prescaler 0.2 GHz to 8 GHz, GaAs, HBT MMIC, divide-by-8 prescaler HMC434SRJZ-EP-R7
HMC8411 Low noise amp Low noise amplifier, 0.01 GHz to 10 GHz HMC8411TCPZ-EP-PT
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