Analog Devices ADHV4702-1 Suffix Information

When looking at ADHV4702-1 Precision Operation Amplifier from Analog Devices, there are extra suffixes added to the end of this part number. Information for these suffixes are not always called out in the datasheet, such as ADHV4702-1BCP.

  • ADHV4702-1 is the generic number. The suffix letters BCPZ define grade, package type, and RoHS status.

  • “B” signifies the part is an industrial grade offering. In the case of this part, B is the only grade that is offered. If there were other grades, they would be differentiated starting within the data sheet specifications. An industrial grade part should meet −40°C to +85°C operating ambient temperature as a minimum.

  • “CP” signifies the part is supplied in a Lead Frame Chip Scale Package. This is probably best illustrated in the package code drawing which shows the CP in the package code as below.

  • “Z” is the indicator that this ADI legacy part is RoHS compliant.
Applicable Part Numbers