EPCOS-TDK B72214P Series Varistor Dimension

One of our customers has expressed concerns about the difference in diameter for the received B72214P2271K101 varistor. We checked with the manufacturer, EPCOS - TDK Electronics, to clarify this issue.

According to EPCOS - TDK, the term “Nominal” used in the datasheet refers to an approximate dimension, not an exact one. The nominal diameter of 14mm indicates that the diameter is around 14mm, allowing for slight variations.

Additionally, one can check in the drawing that the maximum diameter of the varistor is shown as Wmax:


Apart from this, these varistor are also available in Compact sizes, e.g.

  • MP Compact series (B72314P2): B72314P2271K101
    This part has a smaller size (Wmax= 13.5mm)

  • MP Standard series (B722): B72214P2271K101
    This part Wmax =16.0mm

Applicable part numbers
DigiKey Part Number Manufacturer Part Number
495-B72214P2271K101-ND B72214P2271K101
495-B72214P2301K101-ND B72214P2301K101
495-B72214P2321K101-ND B72214P2321K101
495-B72214P2131K101-ND B72214P2131K101
495-B72214P2381K101-ND B72214P2381K101
495-B72214P2251K101-ND B72214P2251K101
495-B72214P2151K101-ND B72214P2151K101
495-B72314P2351K101-ND B72314P2351K101
495-B72314P2301K101-ND B72314P2301K101
495-4298-ND B72214P2511K101
495-B72314P2461K101-ND B72314P2461K101
495-B72214P2231K101-ND B72214P2231K101
495-B72214P2171K101-ND B72214P2171K101
495-B72214P2141K101-ND B72214P2141K101
495-B72314P2381K101-ND B72314P2381K101
495-B72314P2131K101-ND B72314P2131K101
495-B72314P2151K101-ND B72314P2151K101
495-B72314P2251K101-ND B72314P2251K101
495-B72314P2171K101-ND B72314P2171K101
495-B72314P2321K101-ND B72314P2321K101
495-B72314P2231K101-ND B72314P2231K101
495-B72214P2421K101-ND B72214P2421K101
495-6606-ND B72214P2551K101
495-4299-ND B72214P2621K101
495-B72314P2141K101-ND B72314P2141K101
495-B72314P2211K101-ND B72314P2211K101
495-77615-ND B72214P2321K502
495-77596-2-ND,495-77596-1-ND B72214P2421K351
495-B72214P2461K351TR-ND,495-B72214P2461K351CT-ND B72214P2461K351
495-77595-2-ND,495-77595-1-ND B72214P2271K551