Epson crystal partnumber order code inquiry "xxxx"

Hi! Can anyone tell what does xxxx means on Epson part numbers / order code: Q22MA4060xxxx00.
I’m trying to check the difference between Q22MA4060005400 & Q22MA4061005400 but coyuldn’t find any in their datasheet.

Thanks in advance!


Hello Ireen,

I could not find the Q22MA4060005400 nor Q22MA4061005400 within our system.
I had to look elsewhere for a data sheet of these to try to decipher them.

Per one data sheet I found as in the snip below the xxxx immediately after the MA406 calls out the frequency.

It seems we used to have these as in the link below:

But as you can tell they are all obsolete and the part numbers aren’t starting with a Q.
Hope that helps.

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Here’s what I found.

I just need to know the specific differences between Q22MA4060005400 nor Q22MA4061005400.