Error 403

I’m currently facing a problem when I try to access the digikey website at home. I get an Error 403 message both on Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Exlorer from which I have already removed the Digi-Key related cookies. On the same computer I’m able to access through the network of my neighbours or a personal hotspot from my cell phone.
Could someone help me out on this?

Hello @jokockx,

When you hit that 403 there is an ID number that is below the circle. My IT department will need that to investigate why your getting blocked.


Hello @Robert_Fay
I tried again today and I’m not getting blocked anymore. That’s on the one hand good news, but on the other hand I can’t provide you with the error ID anymore to figure out what was going on. Anyway, thanks for reaching out to me for trying to help me. If the error return, I’ll come back to this post.

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