I'm getting an error 403

I need help, I’m getting an error 403 while accessing the DigiKey website. I’m not using vpn or something. The error code is 0.66605d2.1601508082.3515ee03-


Hi Lukeskie09! I am sorry, the error 403 is on Digi-Key’s side. They are working on getting everything running correctly. Glenda

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Thanks for the reply @Glenda_1324, At the moment I still cannot log in to the Digi-Key’s website, error code Report this error: 0.66605d2.1601596142.3ad30894 . I’ll be waiting for the immediate resolution. Cheers!

Hello @lukeskie09
I have forwarded this information to our web team and will advise as soon as I have a response.

Thank You

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Hi @Robert_Fay
I appreciate the immediate reply, I’ll sit tight and wait for your response Thank You :slight_smile: