Error when saving

I have a large project I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks but I’m no longer able to save it. When I try, I get a popup that says “Alert! There was an error when trying to save your project” but no useful information. Is there a size limitation that I might be exceeding? How can I resolve this without losing my work?

@nickb - can you share your project name so the Scheme-it team can look into the issue?

Yes, it’s “Vincent”.

@nickb can you try re-saving your project again. You can also try to Save as New Project.

If there are issues or error messages, please let us know.

@Cody_Walseth thank you for the suggestions. Saving still gives me the same alert.

When I type in a project name when trying to save it as a new project, the graphic to the right of the text box just spins forever. I assume it’s failing to check to see if a project of that name already exists. I’ve tried a few different name with the same result; the save button is always greyed out.

When I try to save a new revision I get a similar alert: “Error trying to save your revision”.

I’m also not able to export it to any of your supported formats, but I’m less worried about that since the formats are either non-modifiable or KiCAD which it sounds like won’t support the slew of images I used in my schematic. I can use the print feature and then save it to PDF, but I really need to save it soon. I need to move my desktop by Friday morning and will lose a lot of work if I can’t save it by then. Any way you can help will be much appreciated! Thanks.

@nickb - Thank you for the details. Can you try saving again. The Scheme-it team made a change that we think may solve the issue. Since we are not able to replicate the error we would like you to confirm.

@Cody_Walseth Thank you and your team for the continued efforts, but I still get the same results as previously reported. Is there anything else they or I can try?

Please use the Feedback option under the Help menu in Scheme-it. This will trigger an email thread with debugging information that we can work through to get to the bottom of this issue.