Error With Checkout Shipping Address (First-time Customer)

I think it’s best if I first give you a walkthrough of what I’m doing.

  1. Log into my Digi-Key account
  2. Go to desired product page
  3. Quantity: 1
  4. Click “Add to Cart” (website then transfers me to shopping cart)
  5. Click “Checkout”

I then get sent to this screen:

Then I start to put in my info, and I get this error:

I assume the page thinks I’m not logged in, so it wants me to fill out shipping info. Then when I put in my email, it tells me to login. When I click the “log in” hyperlink, it just sends me to the MyDigiKey page, where I try to start the whole process over again with no luck.

Not sure what to do here. I’ve tried clearing the cookies, logging out then back in, clearing cart then re-adding the item, and I get this same result for all cases.

This error has occurred over the course of the last two days and with trying to buy multiple different products.

I’ve talked with customer support and sales on the phone and neither one had any clue regarding what is going on.

Any ideas? Thanks!


I’m having the same issue as a first time customer.

Hello CopperGenie and ChrisA and welcome to the forum,

I have reported this internally, I will let you know when I hear back on this.

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I heard back from my team and for these we are seeing this as an individual event; we advise sending word of this issue to; We will be able to follow up on the individual issue on a per event basis there, as well as request individual information specific to you.

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