ESP32-WROOM-32E vs ESP32-WROOM-32E(M113EH3200PH3Q0)

Is there any difference between ESP32-WROOM-32E and ESP32-WROOM-32E(M113EH3200PH3Q0)? On the Espressif product selector page, it looks like ESP32-WROOM-32E(M113EH3200PH3Q0) is the manufacturer’s part number for ESP32-WROOM-32E. However, these two parts are listed separately on Digi-Key. So, I’m wondering if there is a difference. We have been using the ESP32-WROOM-32, but it appears that product is NRND and replaced by ESP32_WROOM-32E.

Hi BradC,

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With these modules you’d want to check and verify memory size, otherwise they’re going to be the same.

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